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Blueprints - Huge thingamajig not worth getting

Not sure about the garbage cans, but on the metal cans, the huge thingamajig takes 4 hours of work to get unless you have the premium character. If you don't have the premium, then it's almost as good to just do the tiny ones @ 558 blueprints for 45 cans (which you can do in an hour if you have all 5 of your characters working on it) you would end up with 2232 blueprints and you don't have to give up any garbage cans. With the huge one, after 4 hours, you get 2305 blueprints but you also have to give up 350 garbage cans. Not a very big difference. Almost not worth doing the large ones and just sticking with the tiny ones. The middle ones are the worst. Am I wrong on my math anyone?
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