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Blueprint calcs

Q1. How am I actually tracking? Is the calander based on the US timezone? So I am actually only 1k or so behind? Or is it going to be hard to make the total?
You should be fine if you do all your Friend actions and everybody visits you back.
Q2. How can I work out where I am on the Cap - since they accumulate. Since the daily challenge isnt sinc'd I dont want to miss out on it - my plants are a full capacity and I dont want to risk it.....
Do the math? This one's got me totally confused. I didn't hit the cap for the first time (or didn't realize) until after I read about it Wednesday evening, then hit it very quickly after the reset the next day. My insomnia has me up all night right now so I played through the reset.
Q3. When does a "new" day start - to reset the cap? Q4. Does this time coincide with the daily challenge? According to my game, the daily challenge resets in 5 hours from now (which would be the 15th US time)
Yes, they reset at the same time. For me that's 3 AM US Central time.
and I only got 2 challenges yesterday - so not the 3 that some threads are talking about for the 14th.....
You probably only got 2 challenges because you started a day late.


  • Hugemember1
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    Thanks for that.

    It seems I miscalculated my cap, as I reached it now, before the daily challenge started.....:(

    I suppose since we have 24hrs to get the daily, I will still be able to do it?

    I really have no idea about the times on this thing - at least now I'll know what time it will reset to keep an eye on it!

    On the plus side, while I wait for the reset, I can get back to grinding on SH!

    Thanks again
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