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Crash when tapping Duff Stadium

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Let me add a bit... I cannot tap ANYTHING even NEAR Duff Stadium or the game crashes. So, basically, I'm screwed and can't play the game because I have no idea how close I can get to Duff Stadium without the game crashing.

Update. EA is having me reinstall the game. It seems that I have yet another area that crashes when I tap there. Why won't they just test this thing before it goes out? Even an iPhone friend is having huge problems with it.

Nope, no luck. Still crashing. Waiting for the "next steps" they have. Let's see what happens.

Turns out that the next steps are for them to contact their "experts" in the next level of support. Hopefully they can do something.

I have a question for you folks. Has EA support ever asked you for a "Meyhem ID" before? If you go to the About section of options, it's that long long string of numbers (http://help.ea.com/en/article/where-is-my-mayhem-id/). I never heard about it until now, and this support person told me that they needed it to check my account. I've contacted them twice before, and all they wanted was Ningyo42.

Here's hoping for good luck!
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