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  • johde68
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    edited September 2015
    My game has started freezing all the time. It seems to be loosely related to the monorail event. Any time I tap anything related to the event, clearing Stink lines; assigning task to Plastic, metal, trying to go to the project board, etc.

    I contact support, they inquired on the usual suspects, clearing game data, uninstall and reinstall. Their solutions came down to rolling back the data or waiting on a hot patch that is due out "soon".

    I'm currently siting at about 105,000 B&W so I can lose a couple of days ahead if a patch comes out quickly. But on the other hand, if they roll back there was no guarantee how far back they'd need to roll. I'll give it a day to 2 before doing the rollback.
  • zackscity
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    edited September 2015
    Why EA hate us so much?
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