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The thing with buildings being visible/invisible when moving around your town.

I had a similar experience last year and it was slightly annoying until patches of my town actually vanished completely, decorations and all. I had to get EA to do a rollback to replace everything. I'd contact them now before it becomes a problem. :?


  • EvaMohlin
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    edited August 2015
    I cleared my cash (never done that) and it helped. I really do hope that I do not run in to those problems you had.
  • Zacabeb
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    edited August 2015
    The technical term is culling. Objects a certain distance away from the screen edges are left out since they're not expected to be visible.

    I guess it might vary between devices depending on their screen resolution, memory and processing power as the game adapts to some extent. But I think the really tall buildings get culled on all devices since they end up outside the game's canvas when you scroll away from them.

    Maybe the game engine cannot even draw objects unless they're within the canvas boundaries.
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