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Tasks not completing?

At first I thought I must have been forgetting but it started happening so often on all towns I knew it wasn't me and triple checked this morning. So I put my characters to work collecting metal/plastic etc only to come back an hour later to find them all wandering like idiots doing nothing. An hour wasted where I could have been working towards building items. It's happened so many times now I've lost track. Anyone else have this issue?

Not sure if that's happened to me or not, but I think some of my premiums are still time traveling on occasion. Honestly at this point, I'd believe anything could happen. I have never seen so many random glitches reported before in all my time here.


  • ghallmark814
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    edited August 2015
    The only sure thing about the monorail event is that you can count on the random... Still loving It though!
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