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Quests Disappearing or Not Continuing

I've recently started playing Tapped Out again and am at level 13. 'The Bart Crusoe" quest started somewhere around level 11 with Lisa asking where Bart is and seeing if Milhouse might know. I did the quest to send them both to school, along with Principle Skinner, but after they completed part 1 there was no prompt to begin part 2. I've tried sending all three back to school and that did not work. I cannot advance any further story lines as it seems the game is waiting for me to unlock Bart before it lets me build the Orange house or any other new story lines. I have a "Rage Against the Machine" job queue up where Bart is supposed to place a penny on the rail tracks but that job can't be completed as I cannot seem to get Bart. Any ideas on what I can do to reboot the story?
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