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Using teleporter in friends town

This is news to me. Thanks for sharing!
It will be interesting to see where folks place their teleporters. I'm still rebuilding, but my primary stays at Frink's while the other moves around a bit.

Thanks again. 8)


  • devilhunt1449
    3614 posts Member
    edited August 2015
    Didn't know that you could use your neighbours transporters so thanks for the info, I usually have one in Frinks yard but currently have one in SH and the other by my recycling area so I can quickly go between the areas.
  • Chivalrous42
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    edited August 2015
    My friends will be pretty bored by my current configuration. I decided yesterday that it's more fun not to squash possums as they come out of the stations (some sneak through anyway), but to let all of them collect in one spot a few minutes later.

    So I built a little empty road zone in the middle of nowhere. When I'm watching TV or whatever, I go there and sit until they all gather. Huge fun for me, but not much for my neighbors to see. :)
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