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Addict seeking friendly and low maintenance neighboureenos

Hi all!

Long time lurker, first time poster. I started playing in October last year, and in May I finally got to the point where I can instantly buy buildings when a new level is released. I spend a lot more time playing this game then I'd like to admit and my interest does not seem to be dwindling any time soon.

My friend list is about half full, and I'm looking to fill it up with daily players who don't expect me to visit every day when there's not an event on. I log in multiple times a day, and an insane amount during events. I take care to visit when somethings happening, but visit sporadically when there's downtime. I really don't care whether you visit or not, as long as you log in and clear your buildings! I usually don't vandalize, but have enough training walls to not mind if you do.

If this fits your friend profile, please add!
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