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Wonderful weird glitch

Together we achieved all prizes with 1 day 11 hours to go, collecting upwards of 20,000 duct tapes per day. In the 5 or so days I helped her we did not get locked out once, it seemed never ending.

The "cap" is cumulative, not daily. You have an upper maximum to reach from projects, so if she missed a day or 2 she'd just be catching up on those until she reached the max lockout limit. As of yesterday, that ticked over to 118k duct tape.

That, plus daily tasks (15,600 in total up to yesterday) would have her over earning the last prize. Not to mention all the possums, visiting friends, etc.

I'd hazard a guess that that's what happened.
She was also awarded side show bob out of the blue about 3 days ago as well. She's not complaining of course but I think it's bizarre but wonderful glitch that to my knowledge has only appeared on her board. Was anyone else not locked out at all during act 2? She got locked out during act 1.
There's a quest to get him, even if you didn't play the Terwilliger event. You need to "catch" him a few times, and after Part 3 of quests catching him, he unlocks.
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