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Homer teleports between cleaning up garbage

Not really if he takes the trash u want just replace it.


  • HeyMumandDad
    108 posts
    edited January 2013
    No. Maybe not clean up garbage just try and incorporate it into decoration. Or just clean up all garbage.
  • acheeanthony
    516 posts
    edited January 2013
    If you are wanting to keep only so much trash place all the trash you do not want in one place the is the closest to where homer and lisa usually stay or just wait till you get down to the last amount of land and start saving that trash.
  • itsmedanshep
    565 posts
    edited January 2013
    He teleports if he's bent over while you click to pick up trash again. If not, he walks to it. At least in my town.
  • peruhomer
    1325 posts Member
    edited January 2013
    Hide your trash behind buildings so it can't be seen. A similar approach as to that which one adopts in one's own home.
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