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  • elsie_d
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    edited January 2013
    I am the goddess of my Springfield and of the loyal proletariats within! If my subjects inform me that a new decoration or building is available, I make it happen! It may take a while to reach fruition, but it will happen. Now that the premium item bonus works, I find that I am liberated from creating multiple dwellings. Liberated from harvesting friends. No reindeer herding is necessary, but the caribou bonus, too, is sweet. My proles had 10 days off from working for the holiday because I am a generous deity. And when I expand my empire after the Great Thaw, my subjects will sing my praises and acknowledge my 2nd-in-command, Smithers, as their heir apparent! All hail the great and munificent me!
  • sonny1618
    1543 posts New member
    edited January 2013
    I love biding my time and going through the new tasks and levels methodically, stretching out every last bit of satisfaction as long as possible. I've got money to burn now (along with everyone else) and plenty of land so I can buy whatever I need when I need it, which I like, but I'll always wait through the quests and builds. That's a massive part of the fun of the game for me. Using donuts to speed things up is not only a waste of donuts, it actually lessens my enjoyment of the game.

    Of course, anyone can play any way they like, but I must admit I boggled somewhat when some people had finished every Christmas goal within days of the update. Totally the opposite of my method, though I obviously understand why they do it.
  • marlenet88
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    edited January 2013
    I'll play at normal pace. I never speed up tasks. But I will use some doughnuts on premium items if they are limited this time.
  • pbpandapuffs
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    edited January 2013
    RSommons wrote:

    I'm thinking the Slow Tap Movement will attract others. Care to join the INaction?

    So now that there's a content update, who's practicing some restraint?

    Personally, I'm going to save what I need for Burns Manor (I'll start once it's unlocked) and Pimento Grove even though I have plenty of money. I have a lot of redesigning to do before I can place them, anyhow. I also won't be rushing tasks with donuts, but I never do that anyhow.

    Premium items are exempt, since those were never hindered by in-game funds. Though their acquisition may be hindered by out of game funds...so maybe I will be saving for everything! :lol:
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