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Last piece of land and I'm done. Need suggestions for design.

You can always do what I've done... I have large open spaces for dogs to run and children to play, and everything else crammed into the tiniest of areas to the South. It is really something!

(My lovely neighbors will likely see this atrocity for awhile as my redesign is less design and more re.)


  • nettangel
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    Audiobrain wrote:
    Tomorrow or Monday I should have enough for the last piece of land. I've moved the clinic and the hospital to the lower right corner. I want to keep Kang and Hank in the upper right corner, but there os is free space, No rush, but I could use some ideas for some of the free land areas.

    Ready . . . .GO!!!

    What, still no avatar showing that is weird!

    I am holding back a bit on land and will always keep some available for future buildings so I won't have to do a major reno.
    Of course I could change my mind lol and do a complete overhaul.

    Some have lots of boulevards and water features to use up space. I have a big park area but if I should ever need more land I could make it smaller.

    Depends I guess on your own personal goals which I would not be able to suggest really, sorry.

    Your town is great so no matter what you decide, I'm sure it will work for you.
    Will look froward to seeing what you come up with!

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