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How is TSTO running for you? And what platform do you play on?

I'm on an iPad Air 2 running latest iOS. No real performance issues other than a slight bit of lag that started a bit after SH opened up. Same on my iPhone 6+. I'm at 6,800 decorations, so I presume that's the source of my slight lag.


  • Arbok9782
    525 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    "Android: A lot more lag and/or crashing than usual, but still very playable"

    This sums it up very well.

    My gf is also on an Android and is experiencing the same thing.
  • cdepast
    2462 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    I also play on several devices including a kindle fire, iPhone, iPad and android tablet. The game works best on the android tablet, next iPhone, then tablet followed by sluggish kindle.
  • TheHydrial
    9 posts
    edited September 2015
    The game runs without issues on both my Galaxy S5 (Android 5.0) and my Galaxy Tab S (Android 5.0.2). I play on my PC using an Android emulator sometimes (Bluestacks) and it occasionally crashes, but apart from that it runs like it's supposed to.
  • Ningyo42
    1465 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    "Android: A little more lag and/or crashing than usual"

    It's not quite as smooth at times, and the occasional lockup. Playing on an Android tablet with KitKat and phone with Lollipop. It's at least not crashing like it did when the trash dumping started...
  • itzipg
    51 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    "Android: A lot more lag and/or crashing than usual, but still very playable"

    Android phone with Jelly Bean. I don't think I experienced any serious problems before monorail update, but now it sometimes freezes once a day and sometimes freezes 2 or 3 times every play session.
    It usually happens in my town, when spawning possums or tapping buildings with several characters inside (like SH currency generators or recycling centers).
    I have had no problems in getting all the event prizes, so the game is still playable, but if they don't fix this and keep adding new content it'll be unplayable at some point.
  • NeoSEC28
    39609 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    I play on iOS and at the moment have had no performance issues fingerscrossed.gif
    Volunteer EA Senior Moderator
  • tappedout1996
    3045 posts
    edited September 2015
    'Android: A little more lag and/or crashing than usual'

    I play on my Samsung Tab 3 and It has now and again been quite laggy for a few seconds and then it's ok again and had a few Bart screens but that's been over the whole event.
  • devilhunt1449
    3737 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    Playing on Android using 2 different devices a Galaxy tab 3 10.1 and a Galaxy S5 I'm getting a little more lag on the tab 3 especially if all my character are roaming around and the monorail is running as well but clears up after a few seconds, also get the odd Bart screen especially if doing the neighbours round but I don't seem to be having as much trouble with the game as some people are saying.
  • roperlego859
    487 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    I play on two Android devices:

    -Galaxy S4- Runs slow, and the items keep having to reload frequently. However, this almost never crashes.

    -Galaxy Tab 3 7.0- Runs pretty smoothly with a little lag here and there, and it sometimes crashes.
  • organizmx66
    515 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    I play on an iPad Air or iPhone 6 and I rarely Have performance issues...and I even have a second monorail set up in my heights
  • Pinpal00
    995 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    I've had enough issues on Android I'm in the market for (yet another) tablet. I'll be reading this thread carefully.
  • suetopia
    4229 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    iPhone 5 with a bit of a lag (I already voted, but forgot to comment)
  • empathy77
    4191 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    I usually play on my iPad when I visit neighbors, after about 10 visits it crashes. I feel bad cause I am unable to visit all my neighbors. I try to visit at least half a day while dealing with the crashing.

    Other than that, the gameplay is good. Only the occasional crash while galavanting in my town.
  • C0rgano
    442 posts Member
    edited September 2015

    android (asus tablet)

    went with 'little more lag' as I typically have a couple freeze / force-close instances each day (usually when I visit a couple friends who are the big donut spenders, as they had completed each act of this event minutes after it began. Not sure if that's a factor, but it's the only difference between them and everyone else in my list).

    haven't had any freeze/crash issues in my own town since I stored / re-placed the mall-o-rail station.

  • jippy6048
    540 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    I play on 3 devices. iPhone 6, iPad air2, and iPad 2. IOS up to date on all.

    I get the most lag with my iPad 2 and it's my smallest town. I can still play but sometimes when clearing buildings or visiting neighbors it feels like everything is in slow motion, stuttering across the screen. :shock:

    No real issues on the Air 2 or iPhone 6, any problems seem to be fixed. :wink:
  • Deadshot_DCU
    6357 posts Moderator
    edited September 2015
    Started playing on my iPhone 3GS when it first came out in March 2012. Only problem I ever encountered was that I couldn't log. Into my town for a few days in June 2012. Mind you, this was when the game was ou available to a certain amount of people playing because the app was only available for a few days before it was pulled from the App Store. It wasn't brought back until August 2012.

    Started playing on an iPad 3 when I bought it in September 2012. No issues ever even til this day.

    When they rolled out the Christmas 2012 event, they stopped supporting older devices (including my iPhone 3GS). So I could only play on my iPad.

    Bought an iPhone 5 in February 2013 and have been using both my iPhone & iPad without any issues ever since.
  • lea_dragon3
    137 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    I cant play on my phone at all. Five seconds and my whole phone freezes, have the tablet now i get five minutes or so now. Couldnt play for two days.
  • adammeadeisd
    596 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    Playing on IPad, game crashes between friends visits and when assigning tasks at the dump.
    Apart from that it's groovy.
  • MaxxSpider
    5465 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    TSTO is running great for me

    I play on this platform
  • Samaranth01
    2184 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    I play on an IPad. I recently updated the software so I should have the latest version. It's been rather sluggish on friend visits with more crashes than usual, but still very playable. I've been getting fewer freezing problems since I stopped using the character selected button, but that might just be a coincidence.
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