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Server problems have become unbarable

I've been playing on my crusty old archaic iPhone 4S and not had one iota of problems with everything. Ah the delicious irony of it all :D:mrgreen::D:mrgreen::D:mrgreen::D:mrgreen::D:mrgreen:


  • sisdog
    29 posts
    edited September 2015
    I was crashing on iPad and iPhone. I disconnected the track from the monorail stations to keep the train stationary. I have not had a crash since.
  • Sinine2000
    24 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    I've been having intermittent connection problems through put the entire event. But today is particularly bad. I have not been able to connect to a server for a few hours. One of my towns is far behind and I'm afraid it will not get the rail yard. :(
  • Neglecterino
    5175 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    Only intermittent server connection issues, which I figure are due to the popularity of this event. But the freezing started being an issue from very near the start of the event. After once spending a half hour trying to get in my game long enough to enter edit mode and disconnect the track from the station, it then later froze again! So I put all the track in storage. After the last update I tried putting the track far away from the stations and that has worked. But it is still a big disappointment. At this point I can only hope that after the event the monorail will work in my towns. In the meantime I have little motivation to grind for track with B&W. And I'll wait until Tue to start the grind for the 5 donuts.
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