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Springfield Heights: Week 9 is out and Last 24h for the Rosh Hashanah Donuts!



  • Snakeyees
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    edited September 2015
    So where is the monorail take down Google Play Store list nothing my icon still shows the monorail
  • LPNintendoITA
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    edited September 2015
    that's why i wrote incoming not has been released... it's not there yet and you know google playstore always gets it later anyway
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  • Skydude252
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    edited September 2015
    Well then. I happened to have 201 awards waiting for other currency for upgrading buildings. Now I have 1 award and a 45% multiplier increase over what I have...and 20 tennis courts in the far corner of my land. This will be a big help to get me the money I need for the rest of the land...
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