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finally got a forced update

I've been waiting patiently all day. xD This time, I'm not complaining "it's too soon" for once. Let me see if it'll force me.

Update: Nope, not yet.


  • seanharry
    143 posts
    edited September 2015
    Really. Weird
    I can't be the only one
  • goldenredp961
    84 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    Well...I haven't exactly kept tabs on the number of times I've internally said "Wait, I'm not done with the event!" when the "major" event was finished. (so far that's... Christmas, Superheros, Terwilliger...only three)

    Correction. I haven't kept tabs on the number of days between the event end and the forced update. I think at luckiest, at least 24 hours or so. So far, it's been 19 hours, so it hasn't been a full day. I've never willingly went on my own (as my memory fails me, unfortunately) to update, so I wouldn't know what the unforced update after an event would look like.

    And now that I'm finally willing, there's a glitch. :roll: Then again, maybe that's why forced updates isn't upon us all.

    Did you at least turn Auto Updates off?
  • seanharry
    143 posts
    edited September 2015
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