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I am very sorry you are having issues with your game and dealing with EA. I know they have their issues, but I promise you that EA has an infinitely more stable game than another game I play

I know we aren't supposed to advertise any other games/companies on here, so I will just say I play running game featuring your "friendly neighborhood spider" and call it good. The company in charge are crooks and since it is based on competition and leaderboards, hackers would ruin the game and steal rewards, right? Well, if that were to happen and you screenshot it, you would think that customer care (or CLC I call them - Customer Lack of Care) would compensate you. Well, no, you have fight for a week in back or forth emails and then you may or may not get compensated.


  • direwolf987
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    I've had better luck with the live chat versus the emails or phone calls. Maybe something to think about in the future.
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    Slinky42 wrote:
    I tried to buy the boardwalk fountain yesterday. As soon as Gil confirmed the purchase my Kindle froze and restarted. EA took my donuts but I didn't get my fountain. I contacted them immediately. 24 hours later I'm still being told I'll be connected to a "game advisor" in under 5 minutes. Or I'll be called in under 5minutes. Currently, I'm being connected right now. Of course it's been saying that for 10 minutes now. :x :x :x

    I can stop all this by completing my request and forfeiting my donuts. But somehow, someway I will force them to waste their time on me and look into my issue. :twisted: :evil: :twisted:

    Thank you all for letting me vent to a crowd who understands that special frustration that comes with dealing with EA customer service.
    Did you actually hit the complete button? Nothing will happen till you do.
  • Slinky42
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    I did hit complete. It sent me a link to check the status of my case, which thanked me and said my case was closed out in their system. Tried to start a new Live Chat. And got the connecting you now message. Hit complete again. That time it logged me out, but sent me back to start another request. So I'm trying a third request..........................

    I honestly appreciate the advice. I'm not the most tech savvy sales any help from you folks is welcome. I was thinking maybe I wasn't suppose to hit complete. So knowing I was makes me feel a bit better. That, and Live Chat does work, if only you can connect.

    My experiences with EA have been painful in the past. My sympathies to dealing with worse!
  • lawpatrick
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    I must say I also had a difficult time with them last Christmas then they took my money and no donuts. I was away on my holiday in Europe (from Asia) and trying to wait for hours.. I mean hours.. in my hotel room to connect to EA.... although the problem was fixed in the end, they show no signs of sympathy and everything was 'robot' like... I can understand it is a tedious job to have and they also want to have a Christmas.... but it has been difficult and time consuming to say the least...
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    Since they changed how they do things, I just do phone calls (between business hours only) if no option submit it the next day. It's faster to communicate (last time monorail had me at 4hrs with them), when I type to them it takes me so long to tell what happened they say well if there's nothing more I can help with ....bye. :evil: So only phone calls for this guy!
  • 4junk3000
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    Just wasted an hour with them on a phone call.

    I wanted an email, but that wasn't an option, it only had call now.

    The phone rang immediately, which got my hopes up.

    3 different reps each wasted 20 minutes confirming the same steps. Then they said someone would email me.

    I received the email and another moron wanted me to do the same thing the phone guys did. They are idiots.

    I told them to contact me when they are ready to escalate my case to someone who won't just read through a script then pass me to a guy with the same script. Until then i have to uninstall reinstall every time i want to play. At least that only wastes 12 minutes at a time.
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