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Im' not sure it lets you sell them. I could be wrong but i'm sure I've tried before (by mistake) and it wouldn't let me?


  • kimmah003
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    edited October 2015
    You can store characters (storing them or the building they came with or the building they are in while on task will cancel their current task), but you can't sell them.
  • petehd14
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    edited October 2015
    If it works for freemium characters, it probably would (if there are still any premium characters that are sellable). I doubt it though. I don't recommend you sell freemium characters because I have heard that some people are not able to get them back.
  • LPNintendoITA
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    edited October 2015
    1 you won't get the donuts back
    2 most of the buildings with characters are not sellable anymore
    3 you can't sell any character
    4 the quest won't restart. it'll continue from where it left off
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