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Losing xp

I haven't noticed any XP lost myself.

I have a similar multiplier to you, 637%, but my Heights XP bonus is only 111% due to the things I have in storage. So my XP bonus is 748% total.

The highest possible multiplier from the Heights buildings is 150%. You have over double that with the extras you got from your glitch. It's possible this is what's causing the error, as maybe EA had some sort of cap for the Heights buildings bonus or something and at 400% you are way over what should be normally possible. Just a thought, though.


  • TwigletStyx
    1044 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    Arbok9782 wrote:
    I haven't noticed any XP lost myself.

    Same as Arbok, although tbh, I haven't really been paying much attention.

    Have you already tried syncing your game (visiting KL or Neighbors) before logging off?
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  • MaxxSpider
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    edited October 2015
    Me too

    I get the bar all the way to the end and then all of a sudden I am back to zero XP
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