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won't load since update

When I try to load the game it goes to the log in loads a long time then says "unfortunately tapped out has stopped".
i deleted the whole thing and reinstalled. Playing on a galaxy s3. Any ideas?

Normally a restart of device fixes that one. Since you reinstalled I'll assume you restarted as well.

Maybe try doing a full reinstall?

Force stop app
Clear cache
Restart device


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    Just tried, didnt work. Thank you tho. Going to have my sister try on her iphone. Maybe put away some stuff. I was getting warned about having too much stuff.
  • JimJ321
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    Mine will not load. I am not tapping happily at the moment.
  • ghallmark814
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    I a not a happy tapper until JimJ get's his load fixed.
    please fix this.
  • seanharry
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    your galaxy s3 might be a bit too slow of a device. especially if you have a full town with most items

    edit: you should have a quad core 1.4ghz processor and 1 gig of ram wich should be enough. your only bottleneck will be android 4.0 .try freeing up some ram by force closing some stuff. maybe clear out some apps to free up internal memory also
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