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fastest way to find nightmares in neighbors towns

Send out a formless terror and follow him around. He will cover more ground only on the streets, and better than you can. If your eyes are fast enough you can watch the streets before he is placed down.

Remember to only tap the nightmare you currently need to upgrade your campfire.

If not they will still count toward craftables but obviously not toward the campfire upgrade.

Also if you have snake logs, mausoleum, or the spooky car thing make sure you don't place more than two within a blast radius or just store irs. Reason being is that it's easier to find the groups of skeletons or snakes. I.could be wrong but I felt I was getting jipped on this when I had 3 or more snake logs together. I never found all of what was supposed to spawn.

I think that's all I have for now.
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