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Anyone Else Getting the Wrong Spawn?

It could be onesyou already had in town.
Visit neighbor,krustyland or close out of town and return. Has worked for others.


  • danco214
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    edited October 2015
    did you send kids to make s'mores when it was on bunnies? When the kids are done making s'mores, they will generate whatever type of nightmare was selected when they started, not what is currently selected.
  • brownhugh307
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    edited October 2015
    Had every kid freed up, went to Krustyland, back to SF, over to friends menu, back to SF. Assigned Zombie story and then assigned other kids. Sure enough two minutes later I've got multiple Skeletons and 1 Zombie.

    Ah well, if it's like the transition from Bunnies to Skeletons it will clear up after the next cycle.
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