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iPhone Gets incredibly Hot while Running this APP.

Everyone does since this is only on iPhones. I have a 4S and no problems here.


  • equiraptor
    52 posts
    edited September 2012
    When in a warmer environment, my phone will get hot. At home, we have the AC set to around 76F to 80F, and in these temps, both my iPhone 4 and my 3Gs get warm. At work, where it's closer to 70 to 72F, the phone does not get hot (but I get cold :( ). As a result, I try to run the app for shorter periods when I'm home or otherwise in a warmer environment.

    And the iPhone isn't the only place the app can run. I've run it on our iPad, as well. I've never noticed the iPad getting hot from it, but it's in a leather case, so I may just not notice. This is significant as iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches will all have different available processing, and may have different graphics (the downloads are larger on the iPad).
  • xstandforitx
    8 posts
    edited September 2012
    My 4S also gets really hot while playing it after a while, even in an air conditioned environment.
  • Mark32370
    14 posts
    edited September 2012
    Maybe its all that tapping on my 156 brown houses... LOL No really its only this game that gets my phone so freakin hot. DOH! :shock: Plus the crashing and what-not
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