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Anyone else brutally disappointed with Halloween 2015?



  • amazonprimechic
    1260 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    Nope I really like the mechanics and play of this event. The only thing disappointing are the prizes.
  • ephphoneapps
    4070 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    worst content of any event I've played. Been playing since Whacking Day.
  • nissa762
    1950 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    I like the event play and the fact that formless terrors are very easy to come by. Been holding on to hope that more new items would come out for crafting and that an update would somehow come with a new character... Doesn't make sense that they would release hardly anything new... Quite disappointed with the content so far.

    Seems the donuts I bought to get ready for this event may just cover xmas instead. I'm so confused here, why would they release an event with hardly anything for returning players to buy?
  • LagginPotato64
    211 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    The new prizes and craftables are pretty lame compared to last THOH events. There are so many classic characters they could've added, like the devil, the house of evil shopkeeper, the monkey paw salesmen, ect. Same goes for the buildings, I would love the Shinning mansion or (this is a bit out there) the 3rd dimension. But as a player who just turned premium after last year's THOH, I missed a lot of past items. I think I'm most disappointed in the lack of returning items. I can't believe they left out Springfield Cemetary, Count Burns, The Super Collider, the teleporters, Booberela, and so much more. I could've easily spent 1200+ donuts just on the returning items, but EA doesn't seem to be relaxing them.
  • LPNintendoITA
    11661 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    its funny you mention the 3rd dimension cause 3d homer text head is in the files
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  • LagginPotato64
    211 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    its funny you mention the 3rd dimension cause 3d homer text head is in the files

    Ooooo... I really hope it's not just a text apperance. It would be so cool having a 3D homer skin and the 3rd dimension.
  • Alexxandria1002
    141 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    I am happy with this years THOH. Granted, it's not as packed as last years with all the new buildings and content, but I'm still loving it regardless. It seems like it is pretty tame and laid back and I'm glad to have that after springfield heights and the monorail updates. I like that I can log in every 4 hours and clear my town and still get the prizes as easy as if I was logging in every hour.

    I'd still like to see some more premium buys that would be worth the donuts. I probably spend the most in donuts during the THOH events and am a little disappointed in the lack of items this year, but as someone above me said, there's always christmas to buy for!
  • larsyuipo
    1137 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    All I don't like is the darker/Halloween tone and the autumn colours trees. They make my town look ugly, thanks to that I'm struggling with designing my town.
  • sideshowdan9
    499 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    Not brutally disappointed but it's not what I'd hoped it would be. A lot of re-issued material, new items are new to the series which is both good and bad.. I would have preferred more classic THOH stuff over something from a new episode but that's just me.

    This 2nd act is 2 weeks.. was the last one? it's too long. The storylines and quests can't last that long, can they? just the endless upgrades of a pretty redundant (but cool looking) campfire and daily challenges. My snakes, skeletons, bunnies and zombies per day is more than enough to complete it all in plenty of time. Can see myself losing interest in the daily grind pretty early on in this act.
  • Ningyo42
    1465 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    Nope I really like the mechanics and play of this event. The only thing disappointing are the prizes.
    That says it for me, too. :)
  • Arbok9782
    525 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    Ningyo42 wrote:
    Nope I really like the mechanics and play of this event. The only thing disappointing are the prizes.
    That says it for me, too. :)

    Ditto. I'm enjoying this event so far. My gf is too, which is nice as she hasn't been engaged by an event since Super Heroes.
  • TriplicateGirl
    64 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    These are definitely the worst prizes of an event so far. I don't understand the purpose of crafting when there are so few items. A pumpkin balloon is the only new thing this phase? What am I supposed to spend all this currency on?
  • 4junk3000
    6439 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    I appreciate that i don't have to craft much, because the prizes for that portion I've already got.

    I appreciate that i could instead save up my currency and use it for things i do want. Because there's plenty of new features. The building skins yet to be released, the character skins yet to be released, etc. The wailing wall is also an excellent opportunity.

    I also appreciate that this event doesn't feel like a chore, I'm not panicking that i won't finish levels in time. I'm not concerned with waiting up at night.

    And i appreciate there's several layers of story line to follow. Like, even though i already had Hugo, there's a story line with Bart. It's kind of like a small Simpsons comic book.

    Ooh yeah plus there's 2/3s of the event yet to unfold. And since I'm not psychic like some of you must be, i can't know if it will be fun or not. But i suspect it will be so I'm looking forward to the release. Sure glad I'm not a pessimist, particularly about a FREE game!

    Idk why the rest of you whiners can't find a way to appreciate it. Can't be happy unless it's custom tailored to your personal needs? You must have people kissing up to you all the time or else how could you ever be happy? Must be hard to be you. I mean, NEAR YOU. I'm disliking just listening to you. So this comment was just to return the favor.
    All my designs look unfinished because i can't place as many plants, streetlights, and fences as i would like. PLEASE REMOVE THE LIMIT, EA!
  • bluyoshi88810
    1455 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    What bothers me about this event:

    -Overpriced costumes seem to be the main premiums. I know there aren't many characters to work with aside from skins, but they could've at least included the House of Evil Shopkeeper or Frink's dad.
    -There are some returning premiums (finally got Bart Raven and Pet Cemetery), but they didn't bring back the Springfield Cemetery or Burns Monster.
    -A lot of craftables are recycled from past events(some of which are mandatory)
    -Doing an event around the Halloween of Horror episode just doesn't do it for me. I know EA wants to promote The Simpsons having two Halloween Specials this year, but this is just LAZY. The 2013 event was able to have content from the older episodes and do a tie-in to the newer episode at the same time.
  • 00-marco_rosas
    656 posts
    edited October 2015
    The mechanics for this event are good but I agree the prizes need a little more work.
  • jukan00
    2320 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    Y'all should have been mastering those glitches. Nothing is overpriced at this point! I still got thousands of donuts bruh!!!!!
  • Dannesand
    434 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    I have to agree on this. The content is really poor, nothing exciting at all. I was hoping for act 2 to have something fun, maybe act 3 will be better. :(

  • FeeJay1111
    235 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    Not totally. But I have a terrible lag still when tapping zombies, snakes, etc. This is sad because I love tapping in these sorts of events. Squishing is fun and this event has plenty.

    Act 1 was disappointing. Prizes were meh. My snakes did not spawn at the rate the zombies & other stuff spawned so I just got the gate very close to the end. I wasn't impressed.

    Act 2 seems better so far. I've actually wanted several craftables. I didn't get Kodos before so not having to pay donuts is great. Some of the prizes seem uninteresting. I actually thought we already had Clockwork Bart as I've seen him so often & I don't really like that. I just got the mechanical ghost which is small but pretty cool. Would like more of those.

    What I do miss is the opportunity to "buy" decorations with in game dollars. Last year I bought loads of jack a lanterns and put them out. (Now I see you can craft them it'll be irritating if I have to craft another.)

    I'm saving my donuts for when something really exciting is released. Normally I would be buying lots of scratch cards to spend the donuts on stuff. I just realised I haven't bought any for weeks as I haven't seen anything I really want.

    I am getting fed up with so much event stuff costing donuts. A year ago these so-so items would have cost $$$.

    BTW, don't moan at complainers. If you don't like complaints don't read threads that clearly are about complaints.
  • KillaSqirl
    1763 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    The event prizes and new premiums are brutally disappointing. The only thing stopping me from going on a total rant here are the nice payouts from the shopkeepers tasks.
  • Zozobras
    608 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    Nothing to buy except with donuts. Crafting is horrible.
    Event started late and then we'll have "Halloween" two weeks after i's gone.
    If you don't use donuts to get ahead you have to play every few hours to get the pathetic prizes.
    EA seems to fine tune the game better and better to trick us into spending money. In my case this doesn't work I have stopped using donuts.

    Very disappointed indeed.
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