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Anyone else brutally disappointed with Halloween 2015?


  • shawn59736
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    edited October 2015
    nissa762 wrote:
    I like the event play and the fact that formless terrors are very easy to come by. Been holding on to hope that more new items would come out for crafting and that an update would somehow come with a new character... Doesn't make sense that they would release hardly anything new... Quite disappointed with the content so far.

    Seems the donuts I bought to get ready for this event may just cover xmas instead. I'm so confused here, why would they release an event with hardly anything for returning players to buy?

    I'm with you, neighbor....seems like the new players have so much new content to craft/spend donuts on/ in game cash. As a long time player I feel so left out and ignored. They've brought back so many things that I already have but there's a few things I didn't get before but, not available (i.e.: Mayan Marge and Kung **** Homer). I know they offered Myan Marge with the Mayan Calendar last year, but I didn't buy her and wish I had ever since. I've got lots of donuts I wanted to spend on Halloween too but, guess I'll hand on to them.
  • Deadshot_DCU
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    edited October 2015
    I'm disappointed that they didn't add not one single new playable characters. They could've added so many. 9 skins & 1 NPC.

    We got the Evil Shopkeeper's challenges, but we need him as a playable character?

    M'nsther is a major player in the storyline. Why don't we get him as a playable character.

    Here are some other characters they could've added...

    Count Dracula
    Gypsy Fortune Teller
    The Devil
    Monkey Paw Vendor
    Grim Reaper
    Blue Demon
    Serak the Preparer
    William Shakespeare
    Billy the Kid
    Golem of Prague
    Cregg Demon

    Also, I would love the Gremlin as a NPC

    Also they could've added Marine World as a new squidport building & made King Snorky into a full fledged playable character
  • chajuishuh
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    edited October 2015
    The building skins are already released. You just have to get to the part of the questline to unlock them.
  • stinkbugger
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    edited October 2015
    brutally disappointed???

    uh, ok....

  • airjordanlives
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    edited October 2015
    Nope I really like the mechanics and play of this event. The only thing disappointing are the prizes.
    agree, prizes are a bit lackluster for long time players, feels pretty strange not to get a character/building

    skins are nice but not as much of a boon as a full on extra character

    but i really like the mellower pace after so much Springfield Heights/Monorail grinding

    and holy crap i wish theyd do away with the whole mechanic of sweeping across a huge springfield to drop each formless terror off. makes you feel like a lot of visiting time is just spent waiting for the camera to stop moving. the effect was kinda cool when i first saw it (gremlins THOH 2013?) but now that towns can be so big it becomes a drag
  • miiszade
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    edited October 2015
    I just think EA needs to be a little more mindful of the long time players. It just seems like a huge oversight to have so many returning prizes. And this has been happening a ton lately.

    People are super excited for the pet cemetery, the Bart Raven, Kang and Kodos, Hugo, House of Evil, Bad Dream House, etc...all of which I've had for a year or more. Not saying these things shouldn't return, new players should absolutely have a chance at them, I just want a bunch of stuff to be excited about too.
  • lowjeff783
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    edited October 2015
    Brutally? No

    Disappointed? No
  • XBL-Heretic
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    edited October 2015
    Arbok9782 wrote:
    Ningyo42 wrote:
    Nope I really like the mechanics and play of this event. The only thing disappointing are the prizes.
    That says it for me, too. :)

    Ditto. I'm enjoying this event so far. My gf is too, which is nice as she hasn't been engaged by an event since Super Heroes.
    I'll hop on this bandwagon. I think the mechanics are the best of any recent event. The prizes are extremely disappointing.
  • weagle1294705
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    edited October 2015
    I, too, am disappointed about the event prizes and items. Offer the old stuff....that's fine, but the event should be planned as something new, with returning items offered but not the focus.

    I also like that the pressure is off, and I enjoy the slower pace of this event.

    I agree with other players that the full town panning when dropping formless terrors is very cumbersome. The only helpful part about it is that you might catch a glimpse of where the nightmares in the town are so you can possibly get back to them to squish them.

    I am most disappointed about the campfire storytelling theme and the fall decor. I loved the blowing leaves from last year and I love the fall colored trees. I wish the theme was more Halloween-like. I just don't strongly associate the storytelling around the campfire with Halloween. I like act 2 a little better, but it's still not a scary Halloween.
  • CJGoldseekers
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    edited October 2015
    I'd say it's just OK so far. The prizes are pretty mediocre so far IMO w/ the exception of the Model Donut. I will say however that Act 3 looks way better in that regard. :-) But of course Act 3 is after Halloween is over. :evil: I think the thing that is dividing people on the prizes is what you wanted out of this update. If you wanted more decorations to create your own Halloween atmosphere, then you should be happy. However, if you are like me and want the classic THOH items, this event could be better.

    One other thing I would say is that I wish visiting neighbors gave Smores/Gummies/Candy Apples. The crafting items don't really appeal to me, so the only reason I've been visiting neighbors is to help upgrade my campfire a little bit.
  • skirata1138
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    edited October 2015
    I was pretty apathetic about the whole event in the beggining, and I've lighten up a bit with Act 2. The newer craftables are nice, and I originally liked the spooky grove, and the impossible tower. The newer Halloween building skins are quite nice, and I'm excited for the VanHouten skins. I do wish for more new playable chracters though. So far I've enjoyed the pirate and fairy skins for Kang and Kodos, but not the children's. I do like the storyline though. I am a 2012 player, and although I like people getting a chance at old things it has been pretty dry for me.
  • jjluv1500
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    edited October 2015
    not enough nudity...... :shock: LOL
  • jjluv1500
    307 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    but that donut with the legs we got was missing a lot of stuff on the backside...... :oops:
  • TwigletStyx
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    edited October 2015
    4junk3000 wrote:
    I appreciate that i don't have to craft much, because the prizes for that portion I've already got.

    I appreciate that i could instead save up my currency and use it for things i do want. Because there's plenty of new features. The building skins yet to be released, the character skins yet to be released, etc. The wailing wall is also an excellent opportunity.

    I also appreciate that this event doesn't feel like a chore, I'm not panicking that i won't finish levels in time. I'm not concerned with waiting up at night.

    And i appreciate there's several layers of story line to follow. Like, even though i already had Hugo, there's a story line with Bart. It's kind of like a small Simpsons comic book.

    Ooh yeah plus there's 2/3s of the event yet to unfold. And since I'm not psychic like some of you must be, i can't know if it will be fun or not. But i suspect it will be so I'm looking forward to the release. Sure glad I'm not a pessimist, particularly about a FREE game!

    This. ^^ 100%
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  • AJtheboss1
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    edited October 2015
    It's not all that bad. The event seems doable. Last year I couldn't finish the event because the requirements were too high. This year they seem to attainable. The prizes aren't the best, but definitely not the worst. Plus considering how many events they pushed out this year I feel like this was a good event.
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  • shaygitz
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    edited October 2015
    Just the damn lagging
  • LPNintendoITA
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    edited October 2015
    we've just started guys there's so much more to see, and they can always add more stuff during it we haven't seen. muuuch stuff
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  • eltoncc
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    edited October 2015
    I hope we get some cool new stuff along the way. At the moment not really disappointed in the event, but not all that excited either.
  • Johnny2bd
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    edited October 2015
    I wouldn't go as far as brutally disappointed, but it wasn't living up to my expectations. It's been like going trick or treating as a kid to the house that used to give out full size candy bars and they've switched over to small bags of candy corn. I like candy corn and all, but it doesn't compare to full sized candy bars.

    That said, the multiple wailing walls has gone a long ways towards increasing my happiness with the event. I only got my multiplier up to 50% with the tennis courts before giving up because I didn't want a huge tennis court farm. I thought we were only going to be able to craft a single wailing wall. Multiple ones makes me very happy. They're much, much, much easier to work with (or hide) than the tennis courts. Seeing my multiplier go up 30% in a day and still climbing makes me a happier tapper :D
  • cjryder625
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    edited October 2015
    I'm disappointed you can only get one skin of each building. I have multiple Kwik-e-marts and Krusty Burgers but only one skin for each :(
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