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Why not make it look real?

I officially nominate this for best first post ever.


  • bagndrag420
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    edited January 2013
    I personally remove friends if they dont put effort into their towns. Alsoits nice to see a first post that doesn't say add me in it
  • Chibihalo
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    edited January 2013
    The thing you have to remember is that everyone is going to make their Springfields look and function the way they want to because the game tells them to. So if someone wants to have their retirement home crammed in between the occult shop and an upscale restaurant while someone else crams every building together like it's a Tetris puzzle because they want to not spend money on land if they don't have to that's their thing. You can't force someone to have their town function the way yours does or make sense the way you want it to. If someone wants to use six or seven brown houses to make a small replica of the Fort Wilderness campgrounds and RV park by making them stand in for doublewides that's their choice. Just because you're not a fan of what they do doesn't mean they have to change to suit you and your tastes. Plus, some of them might cram things into one area because they're in the midst of a redesign and storing things might crash their game for them. So you do have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    If you don't like what they do or things remain the way they are for more than a few days then you always have the option to remove them from your list of neighbors.
  • Happycarlton
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    edited January 2013
    Yes very astute post.
    I have no idea why many people just cram their buildings ad-hoc with no view of making it a town(as if buildings were simply collectables you throw in a box).
    Each to their own but it is my one hate when visiting friends when they treat their towns as 'dumps' with no order.
    Once the Santa coins is over I will be deleting about 50% of friends mainly to improve stability but I will leave the ones that look good and it is obvious that people take pride in the layout (p.s. premium items is not a criteria for me as I don't exploit this loophole - I'm just looking for interesting towns!)
    Given I have a premium item town it is my punishment for those not taking care. I have partipated in the add me threads but always stated I want people who take pride in their towns. Regretably there are numerous who have sent friend requests that this is not the case - improve or go!
  • rabbikrustofski
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    edited January 2013
    i see other towns like what you all describe and just wonder who is building that town. many children, liked 10 years old play this game, my 6 year old cousin plays the game with a level 17 town (thats better than some i've seen).

    but what gets me is when they don't have any roads put down to connect buildings and they just sit there in fields of snow. how bizarre. they are free and you can put them anywhere.

    i don't have many friends but i've got some really nice towns and some really lame towns right now to look at, i guess it helps gauge how i think my town is doing compared to some other springfields.
  • childeharr
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    edited January 2013
    You know you're going crazy when you look at someone's Springfield, see Marge walking on the snow in those red ballet flats, and start to worry that her feet are getting cold. That's what I am seeing a lot these days: no sidewalks. It just looks kinda weird, but strangely cool.
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