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Here is a lesson for all you future software developers out there...

As someone in the IT industry agree with your logic as to software development.

My question is why store garbage?
Inventory is to store items of value - there are two characters that will gladly (well Homer does complain) clean the garbage - it is a game and the rules of the game is to clean the garbage for cash and the very odd donut. I agree, storage should be forbidden.
I know people (and I have to a limited extent) used garbage as decoration to good effect but this does not mean that storing it should be allowed.
Just my two cents worth!


  • JAMVAN5150
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    I tried to store the trash and it called me a hoarder.
  • XBL-Heretic
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    jarci1 wrote:
    For some reason, companies always think it is a good idea to limit functionality. My specific example is that TSTO does not let you store garbage. Why? Who knows? This limits the user from getting to remove and place garbage. That in itself isn't that bad but then consider this...

    It cost money (real green dollars) to limit this functionality. First, someone had to document that requirement in full detail including the error message and used cases. Someone had to program in logic that said IF STORED ITEM = GARBAGE THEN DISPLAY ERROR MESSAGE = "NO YOU CANT DO THAT". Then someone had to test to ensure the logic worked properly. All of this work amounted to probably 100 plus hours charged out at $100/hr which equaled roughly $10k. All of this to limit functionality that the end-user wanted anyway!



    I think 100 hours is quite a bit high. The fact that the inventory box is available for garbage would tell me garbage is not treated any differently than any other item in the game from a coding perspective. Presuming the inventory module is coded and tested, the only real code to add to the inventory module would be to throw an exception if ITEM = GARBAGE. There's only one use case, although that case must be carried through every release. If I took more than eight hours to code and unit test this requirement, i'd be fired.
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