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Getting Back Lost Santa Coins??

I just signed in a few hours ago and all mention of santa coins was gone from my game, along with 430 coins that I had earned (planning to get the Try-n-Save). I was a bit confused because I thought an in-game announcement had said the Christmas event would continue through the 10th. Now I'm getting prompted to re-do the initial Christmas quests and my houses are generating coins again, but the 430 coins I had saved are still gone. Has anyone had this happen and managed to figure out how to get back the missing coins? Or are they just gone for good? It's kind of annoying because I was about to complete the last quest I cared about in the seasonal content and now there's no way I'll finish it before the event ends.

WOW that sucks! :( Sorry to hear that. I havent had any problems like that. But i do know sometimes doing a bunch of stuff and then exit the game fast, sometimes it doesnt save everything i did right before i exited.
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