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halloween questions

What's better to craft - spooky walls or wailing walls? I have multiples of everything so now I'm just looking for the thing that will boost my payouts all year.

why not both? ;) wailing walls are the better option AFAIK, as they pay out money and give an 2.25% (i believe) bonus rate, while the spooky walls inrease your bonus meter by like 0,10, but remember they need different currencys^^

The kang/kodos story line - I'm hesitant to put Homer on a day and a half probing task. Will I need him for something?Is there something awesome at the end of that story line that I'll miss if I don't do it?
as long as you started the questline, theres no need to hurry. there isnt a secret reward at the end, and homer is needed for pretty much everything (multiple quest lines from halloween, THOH tie in with the pond, creating gummies at the new facades etc)

I have the sunken temple - is there a story line that's not launching for me, or is this just a decoration?
it will start with act 3, in like 10 days

I have the adults at the 4 buildings generating gummies - is there something else that's supposed to launch regarding this or is that it? Seems like the M'nthster story is just hanging there.
for the rest of act 2, theres nothing. story will go on with act 3

hope this covers all your questions ;)
@anyone: correct me if im wrong ;)


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