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Games for Kids 24 Hour Marathon

Hi Guys, I'm running an event that'd I'd like to share with you here. I've included the press release on it. If you feel like donating, great, if not, please check out the stream when it goes live and if you have any tips on where else to promote this, please let me know, I'm new at the streaming part of this, but really big on the fundraising and trying to help out.

Save On Foods #954 Parksville is holding the 3rd Annual Games for Kids 24 Hour Marathon on November 14-15, 2015 to raise money and awareness for BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH). The idea behind the event is that each person involved will raise money via pledges and donations and then commit to a 24 Hour marathon of Video Gaming, which will be held at our store, and for the first time ever, streamed live online at Twitch with the option for people all over the world to donate to BC Children’s Hospital.

We have raised over $5400 over the last 2 years for BC Children’s Hospital. We hope to raise even more this year, and have more people participate in the event to play like kids for those who can’t.

The Marathon starts on November 14th at 9am and will go through to November 15th at 9am, being held at Save On Foods at the Parksville location only. For more info check out our Facebook Event at https://www.facebook.com/events/388031578016222/
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