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Akira and his bonsai

Hi looked all over couldn't find anything about this.

I bought akira last week because A I wanted him B a character and building for 100 donuts is awesome and C his make a bonsai ability sounds doooooope.

Have they changed the bonsai's to not give a bonus?

The menu doesn't mention a bonus anymore it just says improves tree hugging. The one I have that I got from (database??) I don't remember its been a while doesn't have a bonus attached to it. Not only that but after akira does his 3 consecutive 12 hr bonsai tasks where theoretically I should get a bonsai, I didn't get a bonsai bonus or no bonus. Just no bonsai. So his quest won't complete until I place 2 more bonsai plants and there ain't no way I'm buying bonsai's for donuts to complete that task.

Is it glitchy or what?

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