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You need to send Bart, Lisa, Martin and Milhouse to fight the Big Green squid. It sounds like you have all the kids hunting for nightmares between the fire and the Brown House but you need to at least have Bart, Lisa, Martin and Milhouse to fight the boss the rest of the kids will be getting nightmares at the Brown House and if you use multiple Brown and spread them out it's better for you.

You do this because you can only have 20 nightmares out at a time in your town and if they are all in one of your brown house and you click on it you're going to lose half of them they go to go into oblivion. if you click on the campfire first and send the four characters to fight him then you can tap on the various brown houses assigning kids to each house in groups that pay out a total of 20 nightmares

One more thing the boss has a life bar at the top of the window that you assign people to fight him with after 4 hours he may not be dead and you may need to fight him additional four more hours if you don't buy any premium characters he will regain control in about 15 hours and I'm assuming that means that he's going to regenerate his life bar

Edit grammer, I use voice typing which is not very reliable.


  • ForumNerds
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    The children need to "Defeat M*nthster at the campfire" x10 ... Did you finish that part? Was that the task you have the kids doing at the campfire?

    At least, I think that's the part that had me confused. :(

    Check out the walkthrough at this link ... Can't get the link to look right, so you need to copy/paste ... Sorry.

  • JimJ321
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    I hope you're getting sleep. I find that a glass of warm milk helps. Just don't heat it too much or you may burn your tongue. Ouch!!
  • FeeJay1111
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    Thanks for the advice. I'm feeling bamboozled by the whole thing and will probably not get enough candy apples for the last prize. My sunken castle has not changed one little bit and I'm just going round in circles trying to get the right thing to trigger.

    I'm going to wish for a glitch free game for Christmas. And hope I get as far as Holiday Homer to celebrate!
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