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Donut spending advice sought. Please and thanks!!

I would hold out if you can and see if there is a black Friday sale. 8)


  • HappyGamer73
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    edited November 2015
    My first suggestion would be to wait for a few weeks and see whether there is a Black Friday sale. That might allow you to buy more than you expect.

    Other than that, it really depends on who your favourite characters are and what you're looking to get out of it. The Happy Sumo with Akira is a great value, giving you the ability to produce bonsai trees. Luann and the Cracker Factory gives you the Fleet-a-Pita and she has some good animations.
  • mystery2mi
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    edited November 2015
    The above tappers are correct. Wait and see if they have a Black Friday sale. I got most of my premium buildings last year during the sale. The savings were tremendous. If I remember right, you need to pay the full donut price then they refund the difference.

    I like Rancho Relaxo. It's a cool looking building that comes with the old Italian don. He is voiced and has a couple of outdoor tasks. It also looks great in Springfield Heights.

    Good luck, whichever you choose! :D
  • LordBlackCat
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    edited November 2015
    I'll echo the Black Friday sale hopes!

    Aside from that, go with a character you love. There are some characters I bought that were highly recommended due to being economical but were of characters I did not enjoy. I somewhat regret picking that character over others. (Name withheld to protect the not-as-liked-character)

    For me, Scorpio was an easy choice as I love the character and really enjoyed the episode. Duff Man was another character I highly enjoy, making me purchase him was a no brainer!

    Go with what you like!
  • wadebear
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    edited November 2015
    You should get the Marge the Witch skin. Every time you send her to Speed up a Crop she cuts 4 hours off the time for a crop at Cletus' Farm AND gets a premium payout for it. I grow corn and accelerate it with Marge/Witch so even though it's the same payout you get it in a shorter time - which makes it pay out as if you'd done shorter growing time crops but didn't have to remember to collect and replant.
  • jedgeco
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    edited November 2015
    1) Yes, wait for the Black Friday sale.

    2) Your Springfield isn't really a Springfield without the "Springfield" sign/moutain.

    3) The oldest stuff (Hank Scorpio, Duffman, Frink, Otto) are still the best characters and best value.

    4) That said, spend it on something that's meaningful to you and reminds you of a favorite character, episode, etc.
  • ArmpitAttack
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    edited November 2015
    Surprising to see Florence of Arabia so high on the list of who gives back to the community!
    YMCA and Krupt I'll eventualy get because.... Bombardment! just hearkens back to a simpler time. Americana.
    Maison & Belle seem to add.... character and flavor to the town.
    The Casino is people's recent choice to make into the hugest decoration area EVER for a "single building". Dude dodges bullets in the front yard, too.

    And now to bad mouth buildings and characters! ----
    Rancho Relaxo guy strikes me as a generic Count Burns knockoff.
    Powell and his mansion are like yet another Homer skin.
    I don't care for the Powers' house color scheme. So take that, Powers!
    Lovejoy? Lovejoy?!?!? She should pay me to babysit her snooty self.
    There's already an Observatory on Frink's Lab, really.
    Shorty's just for that mean old broad to have an hourly job, no.
    Lugash? Okay he made me laugh one time with those crazy handsprings. But still, .... Lugash???
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