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Last installment of Halloween update... where are the skeletons?!?

With this last installment of the halloween update... how am i supposed to upgrade the campfire when we are no longer able to have all the kids help with one of the nightmares (eg. Skeleton, snake, etc) only bart and one other kid for example produce skeletons, yet everytime i try to collect them (there should be 4 in total) none come out. Snakes and zombies and bunnies galore but no freaking skeletons. Super frustrating when things are changed and end up not working properly.

Do you have any brown houses in storage?

Check to see if there is a sole Brown House in your Inventory, this should be your primary Brown House. Bring it back into the game, if you have more and can bring them out, do so as well. The Spawn location I believe from the kids might be your primary Brown House.

Just I theory I'm working on in the last 30mins


  • ShadyLady876
    510 posts Member
    edited November 2015
    Locate your nightmare release site.

    Store IRS or separate 4 Brown houses.

    Send kids to 1 house depending on their output (so Bart &Database for Skeletons will go into 1 alone together).

    Release kids one by one, tapping nightmares in between.

    I did this successfully and am now have Skeletons wandering my town.

    Not many allowed in Springfield at once so bear that in mind. Tomorrow I will probably switch to B& D only hunting nightmares in preparation for the Shopkeeper challenge.
  • JasJVasquez
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    edited November 2015
    Thanks guys!!

    4 skeletons at a time every 4 hours sucks majorly though!
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