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Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 1

Quimby starts

Quimby: Off to make Springfield a better place. Er-uh, better for me at least.
Martha Quimby: Whoa, you kissed me goodbye? Someone’s in a good mood.
Quimby: It’s Monday. That means poker night with the boys and without the wives is just five days away!
Martha Quimby: Joe, did you forget? This weekend’s the Annual Weekend-Long Husband-Wife Ballroom Dancing Marathon for Charity!
Quimby: Sorry, we had to cancel that due to budget constraints.
Martha Quimby: But it’s my favorite event! Isn’t there anything else you can cut? Like one of the weekly Miss Springfield swimsuit contests?
Quimby: I made a campaign promise to have those! A promise to myself, but a promise nonetheless.
Martha Quimby: Fine, if you insist on cutting the dance marathon, I’m insisting on entering the bikini contests.
Quimby: It appears Springfield is approaching the financial cliff! Get me Bernanke or someone with an easier name to pronounce! We gotta make some cuts!

Task: Make Quimby Make Budget Cuts
Time: 60m
Location: Town Hall
Task: Place the Prison Bus

Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 2

Quimby starts

Quimby: Presenting the new and lighter Springfield budget! Your dance marathon has been saved, along with the eyes of all Springfielders.
Martha Quimby: So what’d you cut?
Quimby: Women’s prisons. Why should we all pay eight bucks a month to watch “Orange Is the New Black” when we can release women prisoners and watch them do stuff for free?
Martha Quimby: You released all the women prisoners? Isn’t that a risk?
Quimby: Please, everyone knows women are non-violent.
Gina Vendetti: Step aside. I need to make sure my switchblade still works after sitting in prison storage.
Martha Quimby: She just sliced that 300-page budget in half like it was butter! I thought you said women were non-violent!
Quimby: Young lady, follow me upstairs to Martha’s room. There’s a stack of bikinis you can try out your knife on.

Task: Make Gina Cut up Martha’s Bikinis
Task: Make Quimby Praise Gina for Her Public Service
Time: 2h
Location: Quimby Compound

Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 3

Marge starts

Marge: Gina? Is that you? I thought you were in prison.
Gina Vendetti: The city let me out with no advance warning. So now I’m living on the streets.
Marge: I KNEW when they banned house farming that homelessness would become a problem.
Marge: Well, you stay here ‘til you get on your feet.
Bart: Wait, don’t I get a say here?
Homer: Bart’s right, we should consider how this will affect him. Bart, I can’t remember, did things with you and Gina end badly?
Bart: REALLY badly.
Homer: Well then she can stay!

Task: Make Gina Move in With the Simpsons
Task: Make Bart Protest on Deaf Ears
Time: 2h
Location: Simpson House

Gina Vendetti: Why the long face, Bart? Most guys would jump at the chance to be with their ex again.
Bart: Sure... after a few drinks and with a tacit understanding that after the night’s over they’ll never contact each other again.

Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 4

Gina Vendetti starts

Gina Vendetti: Why do you keep avoiding me?
Bart: Oh please, I’m not avoiding you.
Gina Vendetti: I haven’t seen you in three days...and I live in the same room as you.
Bart: Maybe being surrounded by so much bright orange dulled the sensitivity of your eyes to normal colors.
Gina Vendetti: Bart look, there’s no need to have your guard up. I’m not going to try to get back together with you.
Bart: Good. Because it’s taken me eight months of skipping therapy appointments to get over our relationship.
Bart: I just can’t be with a girl who’s so erratic and unpredictable.
Gina Vendetti: Ooooo, it’s so sexy when you question my mental stability.

Task: Make Gina Hold Hands With Bart
Time: 30m
Location: Bart's Treehouse
Requires: Bart

On job start:
Bart: See, that’s just what I’m talking about! You say one thing, then you do another!
Gina Vendetti: You’re just pushing me away because you’re afraid of commitment.
Gina Vendetti: But I’m not giving up on us, so I’ve made an appointment with a relationship therapist. You down?
Bart: Noooo way.
Gina Vendetti: It’s during school hours so you can get out of class...
Bart: Dammit! You know me too well!

Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 5

Marvin Monroe starts

Marvin Monroe: Bart, maybe rather than trying to avoid Gina, you should tell her openly and honestly how you feel.
Bart: I’m a guy, remember? So that’s biologically impossible.
Marvin Monroe: And Gina, maybe you should try not threatening Bart with a shiv when you have a disagreement.
Gina Vendetti: Okay fine, I’ll use my sharpened plastic spoon from the joint. It can only seriously maim, not kill.
Marvin Monroe: Now can you two commit to each other that you’ll start your relationship anew and stick to these rules for a week?
Bart: If you prescribe us some of that stuff you’re not supposed to use while operating heavy machinery, I’ll consider it.

Task: Make Bart Commit to Starting Anew With Gina
Time: 2h
Location: Monroe Family Therapy Center
Requires: Gina Vendetti
Task: Make Marvin Monroe Bill for Weekly Follow-up Sessions
Time: 2h
Location: Monroe Family Therapy Center

Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 6

Lisa starts

Lisa: What? After all your complaining you got back together with her?
Bart: Well not completely. We just changed our Springface relationship status to “kind of back together, maybe.”
Lisa: Do you think Gina might be using you? And us?
Bart: Oh I know she’s using us. That’s what she does.
Lisa: Then why aren’t you doing anything about it?
Bart: Because the only other action I’ve gotten in the past year is a head massage from the barber when he was shampooing my hair.

Task: Make Lisa Keep a Cautious Eye on Gina
Task: Make Bart Reminisce About His Head Massage
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House

Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 7

Gina Vendetti starts

Gina Vendetti: My new Gööber ridesharing service for bullies will be the biggest revolution in bullying since the invention of the wet willie!
Gina Vendetti: You’ll be able to shakedown Springfield Elementary for lunch money, and still make it crosstown to loot the lunchers at Springfield High.
Dolph: The mythical Double Luncher? The fantasy becomes reality.
Gina Vendetti: I just need drivers to make this happen. You jerks in?
Nelson: But don’t we need a car?
Gina Vendetti: I’ll grab the Simpsons’ pink sedan when they’re asleep.
Jimbo: But don’t we need drivers’ licenses?
Gina Vendetti: Got two right here. Which one of you wants to be “Homer” and which wants to be “Marge?”

Task: Make Bullies Drive for Gööber [x4]
Time: 2h
Location: Homer's Car or Simpson House
Characters: Kearney, Nelson, Gina Vendetti, Dolph and Jimbo

Kearney: You forgot something: we need cash for gas.
Gina Vendetti: Of course I didn’t forget, you amateur. We’ll have cash once I sell these lovely items.
Dolph: Lisa’s sax and Bart’s copy of Radioactive Man #1?
Gina Vendetti: Already posted on eBay. And don’t forget about the extra 79 cents I got from selling Maggie’s pacifier on Craigslist!

Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 8

Bart starts

Bart: You’re breaking up with me and moving out? But we just got back together!
Gina Vendetti: Sorry dude, but I got an exciting new work opportunity. It was the relationship or the job. And splitting a stolen Squishee with you isn’t gonna pay the bills.
Bart: You got a job? Doing what?
Gina Vendetti: It’s in the transportation field.
Bart: What qualifications do you have for that?
Gina Vendetti: Eight months making freeway signs and license plates.
Bart: Then I guess this is goodbye... until I get over you and you suddenly appear again to drive me crazy.
Gina Vendetti: Until level 97, my love.

Task: Make Bart Kiss Gina Goodbye
Task: Make Gina Pick Bart’s Pocket While Kissing Him
Time: 1h
Location: Bart's Treehouse

Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 9

Marge starts

Marge: Homer, did you get drunk at Moe’s last night and leave the car there?
Homer: Marge, I don’t get drunk every night at Moe’s! I was right here on the couch. Getting drunk.
Marge: Then where’s the car?
Lisa: Probably with whoever stole my saxophone, and Bart’s Radioactive Man #1.
Marge: We’ve been robbed! Who would do such a thing?
Bart: Hmmmmm... maybe the convicted felon we allowed to live here?

Task: Make Marge Report the Robbery to the Police
Task: Make Eddie Use the Robbery Report as a Napkin
Time: 6h
Location: Police Station

Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 10

Wiggum starts

Wiggum: Gina Vendetti, you’re under arrest. Again.
Gina Vendetti: I don’t get it. How did you guys solve it? You never solve anything!
Wiggum: We didn’t solve it, silly. An eight-year-old did.
Lisa: I was getting suspicious of you, so I downloaded the SaxFinder app in case you ever stole my sax. It led the cops right to you!
Lisa: Well, after I showed them how to read a map.
Wiggum: Now Gina, you can handle getting yourself to the station without me, right? I’ve got a bikini contest to go judge.

Task: Make Gina Book Herself at the Police Station
Time: 6h
Location: Police Station

Jessica Lovejoy: What a surprise. Gina Vendetti at a police station.
Gina Vendetti: Let me guess -- you crashed another of Mommy’s BMWs and Daddy’s gonna bail you out?
Jessica Lovejoy: Yes on one, no on two. But they haven’t reopened the women’s prisons, so they’re giving us ankle monitors instead.
Gina Vendetti: Uh oh, I think I’m gonna need another ankle.
Jessica Lovejoy: OK, gotta run and help Mommy pick out a new BMW. Text me if you wanna do another meeting of the Bart’s Ex-Girlfriend Club. I’ve got some juicy stuff to tell you.
System Message: Sounds like Jessica has some important girl talk to share! Play through her story and find out what it is!

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A Krusty Reunion Pt. 1

Jessica Lovejoy starts

Jessica Lovejoy: Sooooo, Gina, you know how you got thrown into jail for that little incident at Disneyland?
Gina Vendetti: For pushing Snow White off a parapet? I wish I’d pushed off the “Frozen” sisters along with her.
Jessica Lovejoy: Well the thing is... you didn’t actually push her.
Gina Vendetti: Someone framed me? It was Dopey, wasn’t it!
Jessica Lovejoy: Nope. It was me.
Gina Vendetti: WHAT?
Jessica Lovejoy: Sorry, I know you’re mad at me for costing you eight months of your life.
Gina Vendetti: No, I’m angry because pushing Snow White off a parapet was the coolest thing I’d ever done! I’m having a major existential identity crisis right now.

Task: Make Gina Vendetti Resolve Her Existential Crisis
Time: 8h
Location: Brown House

A Krusty Reunion Pt. 2

Jessica Lovejoy starts

Jessica Lovejoy: Thanks so much for forgiving me! I thought you were gonna try and kill me.
Gina Vendetti: Well, I can’t afford another arrest ‘cause I have three balls already.
Jessica Lovejoy: Don’t you mean two strikes?
Gina Vendetti: I’m a girl -- I don’t know sports.
Jessica Lovejoy: This BFF trip to Krustyland was a great idea. What should we do first?
Gina Vendetti: How ‘bout we take a selfie and post it on Springface? We can announce our friendship and all our female friends can comment on how beautiful we look.
Jessica Lovejoy: Cool! Where should we take it?

Task: Build Sleeping Itchy's Castle
Task: Push Jessica Lovejoy Off The Parapet
Time: 2h
Location: Sleeping Itchy's Castle
Requires: Jessica Lovejoy

On job start:
Jessica Lovejoy: What the heck? I thought I was your BFF!
Gina Vendetti: You are: my Best Friend Fatality. The only thing cooler than pushing Snow White off the parapet is pushing the girl who pushed Snow White off the parapet off the parapet!
Jessica Lovejoy: Nooooooooo!
Gina Vendetti: Crap, there’s water down there...she isn’t even gonna get a scratch. Can’t Krustyland do ANYTHING right?


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