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Sporatic skeletons?!?!?

By my count, I should have 26 skeletons, but I have 14.

I had Bart and Data working to get me skeletons this morning. I had 14 skeletons.

I clicked on the house and all the tasks completed. Bart and Data came out. I looked EVERYWHERE in my town, twice. I tapped on the DO It button to find them. There are ZERO skeletons.

I was frustrated when I saw this task since we cannot easily make skeletons nor get them form neighbors any more.

This is just pushing me from frustrated to angry.

Can you PLEASE put me to the 26 skeletons I SHOULD have? And is there a patch/fix so I can get them moving forward?

I am sacrificing candy apples to try and finish this.

Thank you for your time.
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