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Screen keeps freezing up at the dog track

When people have problems with the race, it is usually because they did the race before the game told them to do the race. Then the game tells them to do the race, but they can't because of the timer. Waiting until the timer runs out should allow the race to be run. Many also have the problem that after losing the first race, they don't have enough money to do another race. Generally, they can get the necessary money by going in every day to collect the bonus money for a while.


  • ceeeceeeceee
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    edited November 2015
    Thank you for trying to help. I wish I'd seen this post before calling technical support, because they reset my game progress and still solved nothing! In the end, I waited out the seven hours and it resolved itself, never touching that dog track again unless it's a task! For anyone else having this problem, just wait it out...but I really wish EA would fix this glitch. I lost hours of time, hundreds of donuts, and I had over 100 turkey legs I lost because of it… Now, I don't know if I will be able to get the Thanksgiving bonuses In time because I have to collect them again.

    By the way, my issue had nothing to do with not having money for the race, I have tons of money. My issue has to do with my refusal to follow directions correctly. :? I did not pick the 2:1 odds dog as prompted to do so, I chose the 99:1 dog.
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