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lag + crashes makes visiting neighbors impossible

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I have the same problem and there is no way to tell my neighbours that i can't visit them, and hope they don't delete me because i don't visit their towns.
In order to progress in these events you need to visit neighbours i you can't when i constantly crashes after visiting 2 neighbours.
EA needs to sort it out.


  • izabellatrix
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    edited December 2015
    Really? My game is usually pretty bad for it, but I haven't been crashing during friend visits at all since Halloween ended. Maybe try clearing some stuff from your device or whatever?

    I do anticipate it will be bad during the next event though. But at least you usually only need to do 30 visits to get the event currency.
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  • chud3
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    edited December 2015
    i thought mine would clear up after halloween as well, but if anything it got worse.
  • ArmpitAttack
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    edited December 2015
    It's weird! My system HAS SPED UP since the last major update (around 11/18/15, or ~ end of Halloween). It used to have extreme loading lag problems and slowed-down money-tapping issues and scrolling moved like molasses
    > frustration...... and then it magically healed, like the update totally wiped out a backlog of junk that was slowing down my phone? Something. Instant tapping action, even of the recycling materials which had been so slow to react that they'd threatened to crash the game each time, but now even they are back at or near the intended speeds again! I've noticed some slowing since, like maybe it's a cyclical thing of getting slower again gradually, but it's still "fine" as of today.

    So what does it mean if some people's lag issues are being fixed and other people's aren't? Are they fixing it one device model at a time?????

    Strangely, it was C'thulu who blessed me with swifter tapping. Leaving him clinging to his sea temple kept the town in twilight and this for some reason had the effect of speeding things up. Then the update made that speed stay after the town was bright green again. It's weird.
  • C0rgano
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    edited December 2015
    What kind of devices / connection are people using?

    I just play on a lg g3 phone and use my home wifi or 4g service and never have problems, during Halloween did get some slower load times, and occasional crash but nothing ever game breaking or that bad.

    I wonder the same thing.... if I'm using my tablet (about 7 years old) the game tends to be sluggish and frequently freezes/lags if there's a lot of activity (cash/xp to collect; characters shuffling around), and it takes a good 90 minutes at least to get through my neighbor visits.... if I log out of the tablet and log into my phone (basically brand new), it's lightning fast with zero lag issues and I can zip through all 100 neighbors in 15-20 minutes...

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