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Is there any way I can get some christmas lights?

I don't think the plunger gives lights, just allows control of any you already have. More house decorations could come out later, but I don't know.


  • organizmx66
    515 posts Member
    edited December 2015
    I'm fairly certain that there will be availability of Xmas lights in this years holiday event :mrgreen:
  • snowyriver32
    1528 posts Member
    edited December 2015
    The plunger only turns the lights on and off.
    Its an easy way to control a whole city.

    What you want is building skins which I dont see in the in-game store yet.
    Be advised that they will cost donuts - not dollars.
  • petehd14
    2769 posts Member
    edited December 2015
    Hmm, I don't see any of the basic ones (Blue, Purple, Wiggum, Skinner, etc.) available this year. Even some of the ones that traditionally cost donuts (Krabappel, Muntz) aren't there.
  • starstrucsims
    344 posts Member
    edited December 2015
    For sale right now are Xmas skins for Wolfcastle's Mansion, Sanjay's House, Houseboat, and Fat Tony's compound for 10 doughnuts each. Burns Manor skin is 15 doughnuts. You should be able to get some new ones with quests this year such as Milhouse's house, Cletus's farm, the Church, and of course The Simpsons' and Ned's House.
    The others may appear later.
  • PipebombHooligan
    191 posts Member
    edited December 2015
    It's still early in the event. They might still add them to buy later on, but as said before, they will cost donuts.
  • meezosoop
    141 posts
    edited December 2015
    Thanks for the replies :)

    To clarify, I was hoping for the suburban Xmas lights, that go on the brown house, the blue house etc
    But I don't think it's looking optimistic

    Never mind, lots of other great things on the way, I'm sure

  • mrsoctober12
    361 posts Member
    edited December 2015
    There isn't any info on it that I've found, but I'm thinking if they do return they might be crafted...that's just a guess though.
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