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[!!!!!!! A ,,South Park: Building Mobile game'' !!!!!!!]

My favorite Mobile Games are Building Games like TSTO ( the Simpsons Tapped out ) or Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff.
But, why is there no South Park building mobile game because it's my favorite Show and they could make a really funny awesome game with it. I think there are enough buildings and Characters they could add.

The Story line could be easy:

For some reason the town is destroyd and all inhabitants have left to the community Center, Eric Cartman opens the door of the Community Center and wonders what happends.
To bring other Characters out, you will have to build and make Special things. For example: Randy Marsh Needs a **** store
and maybe PC Principal has to speak about vaginas...

So let me guys know what you are thinking about an South Park: ,,Mobile building Game''.

Last but not least: Give me some Ideas and i hope EA will read this.

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