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[!!!!!!! A ,,South Park: Building Mobile game'' !!!!!!!]

I'm pretty sure I saw somewhere that there is one coming.


  • mr_skeltal_80
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    They made an episode about it once. And the result was that it's probably not gonna happen.
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    I would love it... but its never going to happen... They already said they hate games like that so there is a 0% chance of one happening. But we still have the sequel to the Stick of Truth in 2016 to look forward to! Well 2016 unless they delay it... Which will most likely happen. But either way its better that they do what they want with the show. Also I think you should change your title because I thought a South Park game was actually announced.
  • someonewashere
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    I believe South Park Stick Of Truth reddems South Park for anything that it xcrewed up in th epast as such i'd love it if they did nt change that, the game and the 3 episodes leading up to it are pretty awesome i gotta say.

    The first walk through video of it released by the annoying commentator pewdiepie however was not and it is a stain in my memoory that i wont soon wipe out.

    Possibilities 1 million and 1, the destruction of southpark could range from an attack from :
    Mecha-Streisand to the Aliens attacking again lead by the Ice Cream pooping Taco, attack from Celebrities or other powerful groups including but not limited too:
    The (American or other) government, Crab People, New Jersey, Mutant Turkeys, Characters from Imaginationland, ManBearPig, TrapperKeeper cartman, Al Gore (trying to kill ManBearPig again), Cartman, mutants with 4 butts created by Dr. Mephesto, Black Friday sale, Eric Cartman, The Baldwins, Cartman Eric, The cannadians, Mr hankey, Brainwashed cows in a cult, PETA, Zombies, Damien, Underpant gnomes, velociraptor attack, succubus, Spontaneous combustion, Chin pokmon, jackovasuars, Korn, the Yanagapa, the list goes on and on and on

    would it ever get made? Doubt it sure it has enough content to for freemium and premium users but at the end what i really want is a mobile knockoff of Pokemon Go with Chinpokpmon i would use Shoe or Lambtor, or Pingin he's the coolest.
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