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Wish: Ski Chalet as Christmas Present!

FrankyK47 wrote:
Dear EA,

since lots of people missed the Ski Chalet crafting in Act 1, please give us the opportunity to craft it on Christmas or give it us for free.

Thanks! :) :-)

Good idea! I did miss the Ski Chalet in one town and the Clam Sign in the other, so having the items from first act re-added to the crafting would be good.

Or getting them from in game $

- Love your avatar Franky, very neat and humorous! -

Maybe we'll get some Christmas gift to make up for the Scrooge amount of gifts we are able to give our neighbors.

EA must be descendants of the original Scrooge.
They always show a new way to do us in. They are ever so delightful. :roll:
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