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If you wanted to make a connection between Celebrities and the Rich getting away with crimes, one has plenty of examples you could have come up with.

Bill Cosby, Charlie Sheen, Ray Rice, Roman Polanski, MJ, Woody Allen, the list goes on and on for The Rich and Famous who have been accused of committing crimes against Women and Children.

O.J Simpson, Robert Durst, Robert Blake,etc... Who have been accused of killing their wives and got away with it.

To link Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson and Bill Cosby together, makes no sense to me. Those are the only Celebrities out of a long list of celebrities one could think of.

Instead of a making a connection thru the type of crime they seemingly got away with, the only link, one could come up with was, solely on the basis of Race. Really!!!

But I still have no idea what the thread intention was, Not to make a point on the Rich and Famous getting away with sex crimes, Not that the Rich and Famous get away with murder, but that these three people who are of the Same race committed a crime and got away with it.

Guess your not offended when people of other races commit crimes, because there weren't any others listed.
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