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Interact with decoration

Quite a few task require specific decoration. I bought the Gazebo late and had the pleasant surprise of getting 3 hour tasks for quite a few characters. What else decoration got this extra feature?

Here the first ones I come to think of, feel free to add more:

Bart's Treehouse - Bart/Milhouse, 24 h : Have a sleepover
Bench (any kind) - Grandpa, 6 h / 8 h : Take a Nap / Feed the birds
Bushes (any kind) - Moe, 12 h : Spy on Midge
Cannon - Sideshow Mel, 30 m : Blast from the Cannon
Dumpster - Cletus, 12 h : Dig through garbage
Garbage - Homer/Lisa, 6 s : Clean up Springfield
Gazebo - CBG/Lisa/Martin/Sideshow Mel/Skinner, 3 h : Attend Mensa Meeting
Kiddie Pool - Homer, 6 h : Lounge in the pool
Lawnchair - Brockman, 60 m : Relax
Piece-of-crap Car - Nelson, 30 m : Shoot car with BBs
Snapdragons - Martin, 10 min : Smell the Roses
Tree (any kind) - Lisa/Skinner, 45 s / 24 h : Read a book / Go bird watching

And the wish list for the coming updates:

Reindeer - Cletus/Nelson, XX h : Reindeer poaching
Santa's Little Helper - Bart, XX h : Take Santa's Little Helper for a walk
Phone Booth - Bart, XX h : Prank call Moe
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