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Has anyone actually won the three axes in the Scratch-R?



  • Annathewicked
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    edited February 2016
    Yes - It's awesome
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  • anaquarind
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    edited February 2016
    Many times here.

    I wish they'd up the prizes a bit. As many noted the Jackpot of $10,000 doesn't amount to much, and many times I've wondered if it's worth the time to scratch at all. EA's trend towards small amounts of free donuts should extend here - maybe a donut or two for a freemium scratcher Jackpot?
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  • petehd14
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    edited February 2016
    AJtheboss1 wrote:
    petehd14 wrote:
    Are you talking about the regular or the ones you buy? I think the regular one are probably much harder to win.
    I've won free ones plenty of times. Probably over 20 times. It's the premium ones I've never won. I thought after like 10 tries they'd guarantee you a win but I've already got over 30 and still not one jackpot.

    I recently had a streak of them - about 3 jackpots in a row. I should have bought more but I didn't want to actually pay money for the scratchers. At the time I thought maybe there was a glitch that was giving out the good stuff for a little while. I do think the odds for golden scratchers and regular ones are separate.
  • robynou
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    edited February 2016
    Been playing since Dec 2013 and I have won, when I spent money three times! Woo-hoo! When I spent game cash, probably around 5 times. So it is possible. I have an untested, unproven theory about when it is easy to win a bigger price vs. not. Idk if true, but when I spend real money on doughnuts, then go and buy a ticket with my real money after, I usually get the 20 or 50 doughnut options. Also it seems to give a better win right before an event. Again, completely unproven. Just what I noticed when I play. I have no pictures either so this could be a complete lie.
  • tebright1
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    edited February 2016
    Two times, but after quite a few tries. Those 6 donuts wins hurt.....
  • edited February 2016
    Have won it a few times have won using donuts twice
  • johncolombo
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    edited February 2016
    they don't come up that often but I hit it today.
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  • gaudio1989
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    edited February 2016
    I just did 10min ago
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