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I'm sick of this game

I share your anger, but i do think a pop up from Homer came up a few weeks ago if i recall that said the coins will be gone by the 10th. It never said use them or lose them but its kinda what it meant.

I have other complaints though. Like the amount of donuts things are costing is getting a little stupid and the amount of items that are being introduced requiring donuts. Seriously, if you just started playing this game you need $200 to get everything.

Get bent EA


  • schliematt
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    if you are a regular here there was a bunch of posts bout the mystery stockings and when they were going away the 10th. their facebook page had the 10th as the last day to get them and i believe i got a notification in game about it a few times. one thing i dislike bout my ipod is there is no way to check a notification history. sometimes i notice an important notification as the screen fades off when iunlock it. and im mad i have no idea what it really said.

    I didnt even visit my neighbors for additional coinage like i shoulda. jsut somethign bout the process of going thru 100 neighbors annoys me. but i started sending characters on coin tasks when they announced it (wish i had kept doing it once i bought everything there was but i stopped when i had.) and buyin stockings the second i had enuf jsut in case.

    we were all stuck on level 24 for a couple months it was the last level available. NOTE we will be stuck on level 25 here for the next couple months too.

    dont mean to sound harsh tho i do feel for you, i have been caught in similiar situations alot. yea i couldnt believe santas village cost 190 donuts that seemed a bit much. there is a guy on my friends list that had at least 29 holiday trees (75 donuts a pop) and santas village. among every other premium item. i wonder if he seriosuly paid that much dough on this game or if he was jailbroken.
  • imfkool
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    Well it is a little your fault. I mean it has been said on facebook, the forums, and the instructions for the christmas update. So you just gotta pay more attention. :mrgreen:
  • sgrussi
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    What is the Facebook page..
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