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I don't get donuts for monorail or friend visits

The donuts from the Monorail are got by completing all the weekly tasks in the rail yard and it's just random drop from visiting neighbours, I've got the full 100 neighbours and usually get about 2 donuts when I visit them all, although there have been times when I've not got any for a week or so.


  • LPNintendoITA
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    did you get the rail yard? you need to hand projects there
  • HappyGamer73
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    edited February 2016
    Have you been doing the weekly monorail tasks at the railyard? Collect garbage and recyclables, convert them to blueprints, earn track pieces and donuts.

    As for the friend visits, the donut drops are random, but it's somewhere around a 1% chance - usually 1-2 per day if I visit all friends.

    Edit: Wow! double-ninja'd :lol:
  • intbananas
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    I've been reading that folks get donuts by these methods, but I've never received them. I assume I failed to complete something along the way, but can't seem to figure it out. I am level 59 (and have been for a long time now)' and max friend level. I finished my monorail last fall, and added the new station at Christmas along with new track. Still, no free (or earned) donuts. Any ideas? I'm missing something. I'm sure it is my own fault, just no clue how to fix it.
    You can earn 5 donuts from the monorail every week by handing in resources at the Rail Yard to make track pieces. Tap on the Rail Yard and you should see what you need to do :)

    Donuts from friends visits are random, every time you go through your daily neighbour visits there a possibility you can get a donut as you complete your 3 taps per town. The more neighbours you have the better the odds of finding a donut.
  • ForumNerds
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    As for the friend visit donuts, even when I did regular friend visits, I very, very rarely saw one ... but I don't keep close count of my donuts because I buy donuts when I want them and don't keep close track of what I have.

    I've read that some people don't see them, but their number of donuts goes up, so they know they're getting them. You won't know that until you return to your town. So have a look at your donut count before you do your visits, and then when you're done with your visits and return to your town, see if the number is higher. I think you might be actually winning some, but just not seeing them pop up in the neighbor's town. Or maybe not.

  • swientjes
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    did you get the rail yard? you need to hand projects there

    Cannot imagine anybody handing in blue prints anymore after yesterdays removed forum post :D
  • deirdre2361
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    Thank you, everyone! I admit to not using the Rail Yard, I usually just tap the actually recycle center to start the jobs. I will start using the rail yard from now on, thanks LP. Nice to know the friend visit is so iffy, but I will watch more closely to see if it happens.
    You are all very helpful, thank you, again.
  • ArmpitAttack
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    edited February 2016
    Have you tried tapping the screen harder? Also becoming superstitious worked for me. With a smaller # of friends it takes longer (more days) before a donut's number comes up. Could that be it? Sometimes if its the 3rd tap and youve alrready sped on to the next neighbor you might miss the flash of pink donut? One time at band camp i had an incomplete donut animation and it didn't add a donut to my total!!!!! But then it did later when the game "synchronized" as i went home at the end.
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