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Burns' Casino: Players Club Points Awarded (Update: Burns' Casino Patch 1)



  • wildminion
    552 posts Member
    edited March 2016
    I Am stuck at 1140 club points and don't have anything else to craft, but I need to get 1450....please help! What do I do next?

    I'm in the same spot......stuck there for the last 3 days. Getting frustrating!
  • jkak1971
    4 posts
    edited March 2016
    On my primary town I am also stuck at 1140pts. My secondary town has same items but 1915pts.

    I have:
    bought Hostess Miss Springfield and used the skin. 775pts
    Magic Act Milhouse 360pts
    Bruns' Fountain 120pts
    Impulse Wedding Chapel 240pts
    Walk of fame stars 4/4 200pts
    Ficus plants 2/2 20pts
    Cycling Spotlight 2/2 100pts
    Constant fountain 2/2 50pts
    Sequence fountain 1 2/2 50pts

    total points should be 1915.
  • jkak1971
    4 posts
    edited March 2016
    Ok, contacted EA and they said the miss Springfield casino skin was still in inventory. Not sure why since I had used it already but sure enough it was still there. I used it again and now have all my points.
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