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World's Largest Redwood is stuck

I got the exact same Problem but my tree is stuck on lvl 1. And I know how the bug happened (at least to me)

The Day when the Redwood Update came out I started the tasks. I had 20/40 collected so far.
My Phone then had to load an Update for this Game and the Tree was gone and the 2 characters that were busy with the tasks were without any work. After that the Phone immediatly updated the Game again and after the the Tree was back but the 20/40 got to 0/40....
I then started the whole task again but after the first 2 tasked were finished I had 20/40 Again and that is where i got stuck. I Actually DID collect the 40 fertilizer but the first 20 got deleted throu the misterious update my phone did.

I cant really explain this much better but this is my story,...

Even after the casino update im also Stuck on this exact screen the previous speaker posted exept for the diffenrent lvl of the tree


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    There's a thread going on over in Game Discussion right now.
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